Gaspar Gasparian Brazilian, 1899-1966

1899, Sao Paulo. 1966, Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Gaspar Gasparian played a fundamental role in establishing Brazilian photography as an autonomous art, with its own attributes, leading this practice to beyond a mere documentary record. Together with other photographers such as Thomas Farkas and Geraldo de Barros, the artist began his work with the idea of approximating photography to art, depicting mainly landscapes and still life following an academic style that captured the formal qualities of the compositions. In the early '50s, to compose becomes part of the process in Gaspar Gasparian´s photographic practice, period of which he began to refute the academics aesthetic lines, starting to awake to the geometric abstraction. Allied to a refined aesthetic sense and audacious speculation, these modern values provide new intriguing contrasts in his photos that confound the perception of the spectator.